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Nicole + Jeremy
“I don’t think I have the words to explain how truly incredible this venue is. It’s absolutely stunning and we were so happy to have found such a beautiful wedding venue. Additionally, the staff there are wonderful. They provided so much support to us and they were so on top of everything. Our wedding was seamless and went without a hitch, in large part thanks to Connie, Ryan, and the other staff members they had there for our wedding. This is an amazing venue with the added bonus of some amazing people! I highly recommend this venue.”

Abbey + Samantha
“The Historic Barns at Nipmoose was the absolute ideal location for our wedding venue and surpassed our expectations for how beautiful and magical we hoped our setting would be. Barbara and Connie were not only amazingly detailed, organized and thorough throughout the execution process, they were also so warm and loving that they have become an indelible part of our memories of our big day. We could not recommend this venue or its wonderful staff more highly. They are without question the very best in the business!”

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Melissa + Jim
“The Historic Barns of Nipmoose was the perfect setting for our wedding. We were able to have an outdoor ceremony at a beautiful location and we loved that we were able to customize everything from the food to the decor. Barb and Connie were extremely warm, welcoming and accommodating. They were able to provide us with suggestions for vendors and welcomed those that we found on our own. I only wish I could do it all over again!”

Lindsay + Jen
“This venue is wonderful for so many reasons! 10 reasons to be exact. First off, this venue is absolutely breathtaking! There are 3 barns you can use for your reception and/or ceremony, and they are so gorgeous and well taken care of. The barns are surrounded by a huge lawn, so your guests will have plenty of room to roam and you’ll have so many options to take wedding photos at. The lawn of the venue is framed 360 by beautiful views, including forests, mountains, a small pond, and a flower garden. So no matter what direction you face your guests and wedding photographer can take in breathtaking views. The foliage at fall is so vibrant, our Autumn wedding photos look GORGEOUS! Second, this venue has a ton of useful stuff that is available for you to use however you please (at no extra cost, yay!), and it’s all gorgeous! They have wooden tables, stools, benches, crates, and troughs, metal milk jugs, lanterns in various sizes, huge wooden wheels, cabinets and display cabinets and desks, and a bunch of other stuff! They will offer you the list, they will put out for you whatever you choose to use and keep whatever you don’t want stored away and out of sight. Third, they have actual bathrooms, nice ones. A lot of barn-type venues don’t have real bathrooms, lots of them have porta-potties or nothing at all, so these bathrooms are a HUGE plus. Fourth, they’ve got a huge parking lot available for use for cars and buses. They’ve also got golf carts available for use incase you have any guests that need assistance walking. Fifth, they’ve got fire pits available for rental, which were a huge hit at our wedding! Sixth, they’ve got a basement bridal suite, so you and your party can get ready on-site rather than having makeup and hair artists come to your hotel then having to drive to the venue all done up. It takes a huge amount of stress out of the day getting ready on-site. So convenient! Plus, because you’ll be on-site getting ready your wedding photographer and videographer can take getting ready pictures of you and your party, which we were so happy to have. Seventh, they have an extra barn connected to the parking lot that is available for use for your vendors. The barn has 2 sections, a garage entrance and an attached prep room. So your vendors can pull their cars/truck right into the building and unload all of their supplies directly into the barn. You can have your caterer prep food in there, or anything else you may need. Your vendors will thank you for the convenience! Eighth, you can have both your ceremony and your reception here, which you can’t always do at every venue. It is so much more convenient and less stressful to just be able to transition into your reception immediately. Your guests and vendors will thank you! Ninth, the owner Connie is SO nice, and will work with your vendors and you to make sure everything and everyone is all set before your big day. She actually also has a list available of vendors she’s had at her venue before that she’s had good experiences with for you to take home with you, which makes getting a good start on finding vendors in the area so much easier! She and her staff are so friendly and sweet! It made the entire experience working with them even more pleasurable. Lastly, for all of the LGBTQ+ couples out there. This is a LGBTQ+ friendly venue! Connie and her staff were so welcoming to my Wife and I! You need to book this venue, you won’t regret it!! Cannot recommend this venue enough!”

Sumin + Ben
“We absolutely loved having our wedding at Nipmoose and would definitely choose it again if we did it all over. My husband and I live in NYC, and we originally thought that Nipmoose was going to be too far away from Brooklyn. Once we visited and saw how beautiful Nipmoose was, the distance no longer mattered. We were enamored with Nipmoose and the site manager, Connie, and immediately booked the venue. It is absolutely stunning, and the striking barns and grounds made our wedding a truly memorable experience. Our guests and families were absolutely taken with Nipmoose, telling us that they felt like they were in a movie or visiting the shire. My dad in particular bragged to all his friends how amazing it was. Connie and her staff were lovely — really helpful and kind and so good at what they do! They had sweet details throughout the wedding that made it feel like a truly special event. Connie is very high touch and incredibly responsive, which worked perfectly with our style. She never left us wondering what was happening and helped us personalize our wedding. The nature of the venue means that you will need to hire and find vendors for all the different components yourself. While it provided the level of customization we wanted, it also made our wedding a bit more expensive and resulted in more moving components to manage. We definitely thought the venue was worth the extra work. Connie had a great list of suggestions and good advice as we shopped for vendors, and worked very hard to make sure everyone was prepared for our wedding at Nipmoose. More than all of these things, we are so happy to have found a friend in Connie during our wedding planning. If you have the opportunity to have your event at Nipmoose, we hope you love it as much as we did!”

Alice + Steve
“A beautiful, spectacular venue!! No one will forget this wedding! We had square dancing which was a huge hit. I would like to rent this venue again for a party! Connie Kheel was super helpful and approachable. I am so happy that my daughter chose this spot!”    – Martie, mother of the bride

Kristina + Phil
“Absolutely stunning! I’m so glad we choose to get married at Nipmoose! It was perfect. It’s unbelievable how stunning this venue is! Barb was so easy to work with! She always got back to us quickly and was able to help us with any question we had. They were also a great help in finding all of the vendors we used. On the day of our wedding, they had an excellent staff on hand that would set up and take down. They were fantastic! If you’re looking for an outdoor wedding, this is the perfect venue for you!”

Bari + Chris
“We booked the Historic Barns of Nipmoose as our wedding location, before we were even engaged! As soon as we discovered this beautiful barn venue a few years back, we dreamed about booking a wedding date. Being a barn girl from Long Island who was marrying an upstate guys, this venue included both of our loves: barns and upstate beauty. Working with Barb and Connie was the best part of the experience, and something we miss the most. The barns beauty needs no help, but planning a wedding from out-of-town definitely does, and they made it so easy. We had frequent calls and emails with so many amazing vendor recommendations. We had an open invitation to visit Nipmoose when we made our trips upstate, and were always welcome to bring friends, family and vendors with us to plan and share excitement. The day of the wedding was easier than we could have ever imagined, and every idea we had came to life in those beautiful barns. The Nipmoose teams greeted us the day of and even helped us pack up the next day when we had to pick up a few remaining items. The barns are beautiful and truly take your breath away in person. We hope we can have another celebration at Nipmoose one day!”

Gretchen + Ryan
“Wow. What a magical place. Our special day was everything we hoped for, and then some. Barbara and Connie were an absolute delight to work with, as well as each and every member of the staff. They all genuinely care about giving couples a wonderful experience, as well as making sure each guest and vendor is at ease and enjoys themselves. They are doing a tremendously good thing with it being part of The Persistence Foundation and the Barns are a place where nature comes first. There is not a better spot for an outdoor wedding amongst rolling hills of grass and wheat, beautiful sunsets, and impeccably restored barns. The grounds are hallowed and we couldn’t imagine having had our wedding anywhere else in the world.”

Jamie + John
“Our daughter’s wedding was simply magnificent!! Everyone from Nipmoose was outstanding-friendly, timely, flexible, thorough, and experienced. The setting is one of a kind and created an exquisite yet relaxed environment. Such fun, so perfect!!”    – Kay, mother of the bride

Samantha + Ethan
“We cannot imagine a more perfect place to have had our wedding. The rustic beauty of the venue is just out of this world – the beautifully preserved barns with fall color and a field of corn husks in the background was exactly what we had envisioned, before we even knew Nipmoose existed. Plus, there’s not one, not two, but three (!) beautiful barns, plus a fourth barn-like structure with bathrooms and space for vendor prep. The problem with most barn wedding venues is that you only get one barn, so there’s usually no attractive rain plan. The peace of mind we got from having a second barn where we could potentially do the ceremony in case of rain was priceless. Barb and Connie were a pleasure to work with, and seamlessly interfaced with our planner and all of our vendors. The crew on the day of the wedding was basically invisible to us, but made everything happen like clockwork. We are so, so happy we got married here. Thank you Nipmoose!”

Gwen + John
“My daughter and son in law were married at the Historic Barns of Nipmoose on September 10, 2016. Nine months prior to this we visited quite a few barns in search of the ideal setting. None of them compared to the beauty of the lovely venue of Nipmoose. The three barns are rustic and in mint condition. One of the barns held our sit down dinner. The second, nearby barn was for dancing, the bar, and the band. The third, smallest barn was perfect for family pictures and gifts. The surrounding grounds were well manicured and the scenery was heavenly. Besides the spectacular beauty of this venue the management is worthy of mentioning. We initially met with the Event Manager, Barb. She was very informative, kind, and organized. She had pictures of past weddings as well as an extensive, concise list of highly recommended vendors ranging from photographers, caterers, wedding planners, florists, and accommodations for the guests. We met several times prior to the wedding and the orchestration and cooperation from Nipmoose’s management was commendable. Also, the caterer and wedding planner played significant roles in making this wedding such a positive experience. The intricate working parts all came together creating a wonderful wedding. However, if this wedding was at a setting other than Nipmoose it would not have been as beautiful as it was. Nipmoose’s setting, upkeep, and management truly made this wedding perfect. I highly recommend the Historic Barns of Nipmoose for any wedding and/or party setting.”    – Cecile, mother of the bride

Chelsea + Brian
“Brian and I can’t thank you enough for the help and planning that you put into our wedding day! The tornado warnings and 40 mph winds sure made for an exciting ceremony, always meant to be outside! Thank you for making that and our dream day come true! With all the curve balls, we felt everyone did an amazing job. Our wedding couldn’t have been more perfect and we owe so much to you and your great staff!”

Joe Elario, Photographer
“I instantly fell in love. I can’t wait to shoot a wedding at this place. It blows any rustic site location I’ve ever worked at out of the water. The lighting there is really a photographer’s dream.”

Valerie + Alex
“I can’t say enough about Nipmoose – this review is long but hopefully helpful to someone out there! My husband and I live in Brooklyn, and after he proposed we spent months searching for a wedding venue, it was by far the hardest part of our process. We considered venues in Brooklyn, upstate, all around the tri-state area, and either because of their ambiance, the staff, or the price point, none of them felt right. Then one of our friends (a wedding planner) suggested we check out the Historic Barns of Nipmoose. From the second we turned into the long, tree-lined driveway, and took in the magnificent views, we knew we had found someplace special. A far remove from even the smallest nearby towns (Hoosick Falls, Troy, or Bennington – the latter of which is where we ended up staying with our guests), the place had exactly the kind of secluded beauty we were looking for. We could immediately see how the space would complement what we intended to be a tasteful but lo-fi wedding. As a designer, the historic barns were incredible to stumble upon – they are works unto themselves. Connie Kheel and her team have painstakingly restored these amazing structures to a gorgeous condition. The detail and craftsmanship of these barns are amazing to withhold and needed almost no frill or decoration to be wedding-worthy. I found the less you did to them the more beautiful they were which is a reflection of a truly special place (and saved on cost!). The few modern updates that have been made to the barns have just the right blend of amenities and historic charm – for example the bathrooms are totally updated and impeccable but with the spirit of the history and barns in mind. I can’t write this review without mentioning Connie and her team. Connie and Barb were awesome to deal with throughout the process, so incredibly down-to-earth, lovely and practical – a majorly refreshing change from the typical wedding industry nonsense. Thanks to all of Connie and Barb’s help and support, the afternoon and evening of our wedding day were even more perfect than we could have hoped for, and we had nothing but rave reviews from our (admittedly biased) guests. As the sun set, almost every single guest I spoke to mentioned the incredible 360 views to us, I really can’t do the views justice in this review – you’ll have to go see them for yourselves. To sum up, after our wedding I had more people tell me that Nipmoose was one of the most special wedding venues they had ever been to than I could have anticipated. The place really made an impact on everyone there. It is beyond special and I recommend anyone considering checking it out to make the trek – it’s worth it!”

Ellen + Jared
“How do I begin to describe how magical our wedding was?! Thank you for making it the most beautiful and memorable day for us – and I know it was amazing for many others as your venue is historical and breathtaking all at once! Thank you with all my heart!”

Karen + Brendan
“Nipmoose was our absolutely perfect wedding venue. We wanted to be married on a beautiful farm in a secluded area and Nipmoose is perfect for that vision. Every other barn venue we toured was surrounded by residential area or in a more populated area. As soon as we drove out to see Nipmoose we knew we would be married there. The trek from Albany is about 35 to 40 minutes but it was well worth the scenic drive for our guests. Our guests had never been to a wedding like ours before and completely enjoyed the sprawling farm land and views that surround the property. The staff at Nipmoose was very accommodating and worked seamlessly with our caterer, Mazzone’s, to provide the most special day of our life so far. This venue is perfect for any couple looking for a true rustic wedding in upstate New York.”

Blonnie Brooks, Photographer
“Wow. Spectacular, breathtaking, stunning – this barn wedding venue was absolutely amazing. The gorgeous couple, their wonderful friends and family, the beautiful light, the fantastic views…all of it was breathtaking.”

Candace + Bob
“This is a fabulous venue for a wedding and reception! We got married in the German Barn and hosted the cocktail party reception in the Scottish Barn. Everyone was in awe at the beauty, views and ambiance. The day could not have been more perfect. The grounds staff and The Persistence Foundation sponsor were lovely to work with as we put together all the details. Our guests are still raving about the beauty of the site and the special memories they will keep of the day!”

 Jessica + Stuart
“An outdoor wedding that was a little bit rustic and a little bit refined is something we always envisioned, and the Historic Barns of Nipmoose exceeded our expectations, as well as those of every guest in attendance. While the Barns are majestic in stature and presence, their discrete rural location and the layout of the property provided a very intimate setting for our wedding vows and reception. Our guests were fascinated with the history of the Barns and the natural beauty of the property, which provided plenty of room and fresh air for socializing without ever feeling cramped or scheduled. The Barns were the perfect setting for our country-themed affair, and the surprisingly endless amenities provided at such a rural site enhanced our experience tremendously, making both guests and hired professionals comfortable and at ease. The Historic Barns of Nipmoose will forever be a cherished destination of ours.”

Karilee + Steve
“Words cannot describe how perfect and beautiful our wedding day was the the Historic Barns of Nipmoose; it was more than we could have ever imagined. The barns at Nipmoose and surrounding area are picturesque, breathtaking, well-maintained, and pristine that makes for an amazing destination wedding. If you are thinking about having a barn wedding theme nothing else comparies to the Nipmoose barns.”

Jessica + Aaron
“When we started our wedding planning, we knew the venue had to have the theme of our love of nature. Originally, our eyes were set on a wedding in Vermont because of our love of the Green Mountains, but when we saw the Historic Barns of Nipmoose we completely fell in love. The Historic Barns of Nipmoose was the beautiful, natural, classy and simple wedding venue that we were looking for our August wedding. Our favorite part of the venue was the view. The view immediately spoke to us because it is of Willard Mountain (the place where our love began). We consider ourselves very lucky to have had our special and beautiful wedding at the Historic Barns of Nipmoose. Our wedding was a dream come true.”

Brandt Bolding, Photographer and Documentary Filmmaker
“Now more than ever, we are faced with a daunting task trying to preserve the agricultural landscape and material culture of farming communities across America. Each year, historical and preservation societies from all over the country, with ever diminishing resources, work tirelessly to help preserve America’s agricultural history for future generations. While there have been gains, there have also been many, many losses.

It has been a great pleasure to have discovered the extraordinary conservation work of The Persistence Foundation of Buskirk, NY – I can’t think of many greater examples of historic preservation success than this. On a beautiful knoll overlooking the farmlands of Northeastern Rensselaer County at the foothills of the Green Mountains, stand three beautifully restored timber frame farm buildings – the Scottish and German barns, and the grain storage, or Corn crib. These extraordinary buildings, made with many hand hewn or split beams – some with remarkable wooden joinery details derived from medieval carpentry – have been expertly restored and re-erected on this wonderful site.

The Persistence Foundation has made it possible for us to again experience our rural history first hand, for to be able to walk through these great wooden buildings is to feel the astonishing work and effort that went in to the life of the farm from the earliest days of our nation.”

Carolyn + Dan
“Dan and I are still getting compliments about our wedding and what a beautiful scenery it was. We truly could not have asked for a more beautiful venue or day!”

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Please call 518-944-4414 or send a message to schedule a tour, check availability and learn more about Nipmoose. We are happy to answer your questions and look forward to hearing from you!


Historic Barns of Nipmoose
59 Sherman Lane
Buskirk, NY 12028

The Historic Barns of Nipmoose is located in a pastoral area called Buskirk in northeastern Rensselaer County, New York. Visit the Directions page for a local map and detailed directions.

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Constance Kheel
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