Calendar of Events

The barns may be rented for large events starting in early May and ending in mid-October. The rental season may be extended for small to moderate sized events.

2017 Calendar

May 8, 2017, Photo Shoot, Matt Ramos Photography


May 13, 2017, Civicure Foundation, Celebrating Our Stories: Paintings in Words and Wool, honoring Grandma Moses


May 24, 2017, Photo Shoot, Matt Ramos Photography


May 27, 2017, Akin/Kennett Wedding


June 10, 2017, Scherer/Brower Wedding


June 17, 2017, Giano/Berardi Wedding


June 24, 2017, Zwirn/Martin Wedding


July 5, 2017, Photo Shoot, Lynne and Jim Photography


July 22, 2017, Cote/Barton Wedding


July 28, 2017, Photo Shoot, Chelsea Proulx Photography


August 15, 2017, Photo Shoot, Casey Mackenzie Photography


September 9, 2017, Molino/Burke Wedding


September 23, 2017, Drzonsc/Figueroa Wedding


October 8, 2017, Osit/Constant Wedding


October 14, 2017, Marchfeld/Schaaf Wedding


October 23, 2017, Photo Shoot, Amanda-lee Seely Photography

Schedule Your Event

Send us a note or call 518-944-4414 to inquire about a date for your special event or wedding.

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